Complaints handling procedure
Do you feel unable to discuss your dissatisfaction or complaint with the therapist at the Organ Balance practice, does the situation not allow this or are you unable to reach an agreement together? Then you can contact a complaints officer free of charge. This will support you in formulating your complaint or dissatisfaction and in finding solutions. Together with you, possibilities to find a hearing for your complaint will be inquired. Your complaint will be handled within six weeks. If you have any complaints, you can contact your therapist's professional association. You can submit a complaint about matters regarding the treatment you received or have received from your therapist. For example, the quality of the treatment or the way you were treated. But also about an incorrect assessment by the therapist, damage caused by the treatment or about damaged/missing property. If the efforts of the complaints officer or the way in which your dissatisfaction or complaint has been handled is unsatisfactory for you, you can contact the Disputes Committee for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This dispute committee is independent of all parties and specialized in complementary care. A decision by the dispute committee about your complaint (dispute) is binding, both for you and the therapist. Sometimes the committee may decide to award compensation. Submitting a dispute to the dispute committee costs €52.50. It is important to first discuss your dissatisfaction or complaint with your therapist. Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding and you can resolve it together if you express what you are dissatisfied with or what you want differently. Is it difficult to express your dissatisfaction? Then try writing it down and then present this note to your therapist. This may create an opening to talk to each other and solve the problem.

Information about nutrition and nutritional supplements as provided by the Organ Balance practice are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. During breastfeeding or during pregnancy, a doctor should always be consulted before starting to take nutritional supplements that fall under the Decree of the Commodities Act. Clients and visitors to this website or to the Organ Balance practice are responsible for their own actions outside the practice. If complaints arise during treatment and a visit to the practice, clients can count on careful and expert guidance from the S.C.A.G. n the event of client dissatisfaction that cannot be resolved with the practitioner, the client can file a complaint in accordance with the Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz), which guarantees the quality of care.