Elemental Counseling 

'Each thing, including each person, is first and always a nexus of relations'.

The aim of Elemental Counseling
The primary aim of Elemental Counseling is to improve your relationship with others. If there is friction, you’ll be invited to smooth out the edges, create more interpersonal alignment and to pursue higher standards.

Elemental Confluence
Everybody perceives things about an individual differently based on their own perceptions but also because each individual acts differently depending on the places they're at and the people they meet. We can get completely different descriptions about the same person depending on who's providing it. We're all people of familial and social contexts, living in a world of interpersonal ties. With it new values emerge.
Traditionally we place value on specific persons: David is wise, Sally is intelligent, John is cheerful, and so on. But when we place David, Sally, and John together, a new domain of value can emerge, one that is not inherent in the individuals alone. In this context it is the Elemental Confluence™ that counts; it explains not merely how people change under different circumstances and why people are portrayed in various ways, Elemental Confluence also shows us how we can achieve more alignment between family members or loved ones. It is against this backdrop that Elemental Counseling sessions are prepared.