Elemental Couples Counseling 

'We're here to help you maintain strong and meaningful relationships’.

Not just for fighting couples
Elemental Couples Counseling is not just for fighting couples. Even if the relationship is strong, we can still check for issues that can be addressed now rather than later on when you may have let grievances pile up. Working in tandem with a counselor can be truly valuable to realize the alignment you want for you and your partner. Counseling enables you to really zero in on establishing more interpersonal harmony and helps you identify key differences in communication styles. It promotes the discovery of strengths and pinpoints potential areas of conflict. Couched in the language of Elemental Confluence™, our counseling sessions help depersonalize conflict and offer fruitful discussion starters, providing effective ways for you to get to grips with your relationship.

A two-by-two setting
Elemental Couples Counseling invites both partners to join the conversation. As opposed to parallel counseling modalities, we always include two clients and two counselors, who together set the wheels in motion for a more dynamic exchange. Moreover, it also sets the stage for mutual insights, whether from personal knowledge of each other or shared contextual understanding. So why two counselors? Our conceptual framework holds that counselors who join hands, especially those with different thinking styles, observe and detect more than a counselor working solely by one’s own efforts. For this reason, we always seek to bring four people to the table.