Energy Clearing

If you have a very open energy field, it is easy to attract energy from other people. Sometimes that energy gets stuck in your energy field. This can lead to thoughts, feelings and moods that are not your own and make you feel very exhausted. During an Energy Clearing, this energy is removed from your field. During the session you will gain insight into when you attracted this energy.


'Energy Clearing is like acupuncture for the mind.'


Every object, place and living thing has energy. This energy can be described as the atmosphere you experience when you are near a person or when you’re visiting certain places. For example, some places are almost always associated with good vibes, such as the beach, a waterfall or a national park. Then there are places you walk into and can't wait to leave, like a run-down neighborhood or a busy subway. The same also applies to people.

We can tell when someone is giving off good vibes (positive energy) or bad vibes (negative energy). And let's face it, we've all had moments where we gave off bad vibes ourselves! Why does this happen? Because we are human and our thoughts, feelings and experiences influence us and our energy. Every time we have a thought or a feeling, it leaves a small imprint on our energy, which is then projected into the world. The stronger the thought or feeling, the stronger the imprint. So if we worry about something over and over again, have a traumatic experience, or listen to news that scares us, all of this can block our energy from flowing.

When our energy is blocked, we may feel tired, stuck, anxious, sad, sick, or a host of other negative feelings that make it difficult to function. In a personal Energy Clearing, a connection is made with your energy and layers of stuck energy are lifted, bringing balance back into your life. Energy Clearing can help you reduce recent stress, release old problems, increase love and joy, and bring new possibilities into your life. Many people feel their energy change during a session. Some people experience very noticeable changes shortly after a session and others feel the effects more subtly over time.