Teun Ågren

Teun Ågren (1983) is an Acupuncturist, Shiatsu therapist and Phytotherapist with a background in both Western and Eastern treatment techniques. In addition to his work as a therapist, he offers counseling for couples together with his wife Caroline Ågren.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts Therapies in Leiden in 2010, his interest shifted to more physical forms of therapy. Teun was taught, among other things, the Chi Nei Tsang abdominal treatment by Mantak Chia (founder of the Universal Healing Tao) in Thailand, the fusion of the five elements by senior instructor Barry Spendlove and Life Pulse Massage by Karin Sörvik (founder of the Healing Tao Society in New York City).

After his training abroad, he started his 3-year Shiatsu Therapy training at Qing-Bai in Amsterdam, which he completed Cum Laude. Three years later he obtained his diploma as an Acupuncturist and the following year as a Phytotherapist.

An important principle in his treatments is to help people become aware of psychological patterns in addition to their physical well-being. He provides practical tools to balance overall health. Teun is half Swedish, half Dutch and the happy father of twin daughters. He walks a lot with his two dogs and also enjoys different kinds of sports.

Caroline Ågren

Caroline Ågren (1984) is a holistic therapist, sexual health counselor as well as counselor based on the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine with a background in regression and reincarnation therapy.

In 2012 she graduated as a regression and reincarnation therapist from the TranceArt training institute, where she was taught by Bertien van Woelderen and Jos Olgers, among others. After her training, she followed various training courses through the 'Four Winds Society' program in Chile with psychologist and medical anthropologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Here she received her energy medicine training combined with nutrition and supplementation training.

Her naturopathic medicine path continued when she got introduced to the ancient Chinese treatment method of 'Energy Clearing'. This treatment subtly works with stagnated 'Qi' on five different layers of the energy system.

Since childhood, Caroline has had a great interest in the dynamics of people's psyches. She always wondered why people do what they do and what creates inner balance. Her motivation is to help people harmonize their own energy system and thus improve the relationship with themselves, others and their environment.

In her private life she is happily married to Teun Ågren and works with him in the practice. She likes to walk with her rescue dog Nala and Leonberger Harry. She finds the connection with nature very important, as well as sufficient exercise, nutritious food and gratitude for all the beautiful things life has to offer.