Sexual Health Counseling

'Sexual vitality is a universal fuel of life. It nourishes the human body, mind and spirit'.

Sexual Health Themes
Whether you are happily married, in a LAT relationship or cohabiting nightlife buffs having sex occasionally, we welcome everybody with questions and concerns related to sexual health to see us for counseling. Our clientele covers a wide spectrum of cultures, race and class for whom we address the following themes:

  • Sexual vitality & reproduction
  • Sexual attraction
  • Intimacy
  • Sexual identity
  • Sensuality

The themes deal with biological factors (age, physical health, genetic blueprint), psychological factors (mental health, personality traits, life satisfaction, self-esteem), interpersonal factors (availability of a partner, relationship quality, social support), domains of gender (identity & expression, roles & norms, power relations, equality & equity) and finally specific domains of sexuality, in particular physiology. In our counseling the last theme plays a large role since over the years of running our practice, people's sexual health challenges could in many cases be traced back to physiological factors. This resulted in a unique counseling approach comprising of a two-by-two setting for discussing sexual health topics combined with a personalized herbal formula advise for one of the partners or both.

Herbal Formulas for him & her
It may seem obvious to explore the dynamics within a relationship first and then ask how this is manifested in the bedroom. Along that route, the sexual relationship is a metaphor for the overall relationship. The underlying premise is that if people can improve their relationship and subsequently adjust their state of mind, the sex will follow. In our experience as sexual health counselors, this is often not the case. We've seen physiological challenges often appearing as a bigger reason for issues in the bedroom compared to mind related factors. Of course, with a lot of people it seems as if their spiraling thoughts play a crucial role in blocking a healthy sex life. Still, in most cases the root cause proceeds out of lowered sexual vitality originating from the body. Mainly because of this, we've developed five herbal formulas to tackle common reasons why people experience a diminished sex life. In addition to issues such as lack of attraction towards the partner and a general humdrum existence with all work and no play, in our years of being counselors to a wide variety of people, we came across five major reasons that frequently re-emerged and which explain why people become dissatisfied between the sheets many times over:

  • The body doesn't perform properly.
  • The absence of a healthy mind-body connection.
  • Recurring urinary tract infections (appertaining to women).
  • Low energy.
  • Bad moods.

What to expect
First of all you can expect to have fun and to visit two adaptable counselors who are keeping it light and unconstrained. Our aim is to help you stop thinking about sex and start having a good sex life!

After the intake and a herbal formula advise, five sessions will take place with the following goals:

Session 1: Sharing your sexual history with us.

Session 2: Articulating what you want to improve in the bedroom.

Session 3: Figuring out where your true passion lies.

Session 4: Learning to let your body lead the way.

Session 5: Exploring bedroom rituals.