Phytotherapy (herbal therapy) supports the Acupuncture or Shiatsu treatment effects. A herbal formula is selected based on the complaint, also taking into account a person's condition. Doctors in Asia have used herbal medicine for many thousands of years. It is one of the oldest used medicines in the world. That does not mean however that it has no modern applications. To this day, scientists in Asia continue to explore the modern practical applications of herbs and herbal preparations.

Examples of complaints
Breathing problems
Lack of energy
Pain (in connective tissue, joints, tendons, muscles)
Sleep deprivation
Problems with digestion

The production process
The quality of herbal preparations must meet clear requirements. They are carefully monitored to ensure efficacy and safety. The herbs are collected in China, either wild or cultivated depending on the herb and availability. The herbs are then dried and brought to the market. From there, the formulation presented by the manufacturer is processed in the correct proportions into ground powder or dried hot water extracts in a factory in China. These are shipped to a company in the United States that both helps regulate the factory in China and has expertise in importing. Once approved by all authorities, such as the FDA, Fish and Wildlife and the Department of Agriculture, the materials are shipped to another factory in the United States. In that factory, the items are mixed according to the formulation instructions and processed into tablets. Once approved by the 'Quality Control' department, they go to an adjacent bottling plant where the tablets are packaged with the appropriate security seals and labels. These are then shipped (using the Netherlands as an example) to Biomed in Putte and the Natuurapotheek in Simpelveld, among others. After this, these herbal tablets can be ordered from a registered practitioner of Chinese medicine. In addition to herbs in tablet form, herbs can also be supplied as granulate or hydrophilic concentrate. This is especially important for young children and people who have difficulty swallowing tablets.