Face Reading

These sessions are always offered jointly by Teun and Caroline for both couples and individually and on location or online. If desired, the Face Reading can be recorded.

Do you ever wonder who you really are? And what is the right direction in your life?

Thousands of years ago people discovered the art of Face Reading in East Asia. It turns out that the path of your life can be read from your face. During the Face Reading session we will give you valuable information and a map for organizing your life in a way that will ensure more happiness.

Based on your face, Five Elements are distinguished: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Various properties are determined using ‘Multiple Position Physiognomy’ i.e. ‘Face Reading', including your 'potential', your habitual tendencies or 'patterns' and finally your 'persona'. Successively, they shape your cognitive style, how you react under pressure and how you come across to the outside world. For example, you can be primarily Metal and secondarily Earth and Wood.

In total, eighty-one combinations are possible because three of the five Elements are also further differentiated based on Yin-Yang relationships. For example, there is Yin-Wood or Yang-Wood and Yin-Metal or Yang-Metal. These have major differences; important preferences are mapped with these differentiations, as well as what it takes to be happy in life and in (romantic) relationships. In addition, it provides insight into which work is a good fit and what kind of (team) roles suit you.

One of the eighty-one combinations is determined based on your personal combination of Elements or your 'Elemental Profile'. The interactions between the Elements within yourself are called 'intrapersonal dynamics'. The interactions between the Elements of you and the Elements of another person are called 'interpersonal dynamics'.

For Face Reading, a session can be booked together with someone else to map the mutual dynamics and receive advice about this. The sessions require close-up photographs of the front and side of the face. You will also be asked for a date of birth. The date of birth determines which 'Elemental Year' of the so-called 9-year cycle you are currently in. In addition to the intra- and interpersonal dynamics, this provides insight into what a specific year has in store for you and how you can attune to it.